You're at a business dinner. You're expected to get wine or some frilly pink drink. But, you didn't get where you are by doing what's expected. You shatter expectations by being bold and uncompromising.

We know a little something about shattering expectations and being bold at Riazul.

Our founder’s great great grandmother, Maria Higinia Gomez, served as a high counselor to the Mexican rebel leaders during the Mexican War for Independence against Spain.

Just to put that in perspective, Mexico, to this day, is a very patriarchal society. Gender roles are very much defined by the concepts of male machismo and female marianismo, with women's role as being within the family under the authority of men. Women did not even get the right to vote in national elections until 1953.

Yet, in the early 1800s, here was this bold woman, who played a vital role in the country's fight for independence, thus defying society's expectations about women's role in the war, politics, and power.

According to family history, Gomez was given 10,000 acres in the Jalisco highlands by Spain before the war for independence began. The “gift” was part of the ruling government's effort to encourage locals to turn barren land into productive land and then send the riches to Spain. Instead, Gomez used Spain's strategically-located gift as a gathering point for Mexican independence fighters and a haven where she and revolutionary leaders could plot against Spanish forces.

“She was in charge of keeping the armed forces there waiting for the signal to send them out to fight,” Riazul founder Iñaki Orozco told the Houston Chronicle in a 2015 interview.

After the war, she was awarded the 10,000 acres by the newly independent Mexican government. Most of the land was given to fellow revolutionaries who helped fight for the country's freedom. A sliver of the original plot, just 250 acres, was handed down from generation to generation and remained virtually untouched until Iñaki inherited the land in the late 1990s.

Inaki has carried on his great-great grandmother's spirit in that he doesn't let expectations define his limits. This was seen from the moment he inherited the land, and had to convince the family elders that it was an ideal spot for growing the blue agave plants used in the making of tequila.

After being granted permission to plant, he continued to defy expectations by successfully cultivating a crop that, because of the high altitude and harsh weather, was prone to disease and freezing. Yet, years of hard work, attention, and persistence paid off. What started as a crop of just 100 plants in the early 1990s, now exceeds 175,000 plants.

Of course, your drink order at a business dinner does not make you bold. It’s everything you did to get to the business dinner. It was hard work, taking risks, and defying expectations on a daily basis.

The drink you order is merely the reward you give yourself at the end of the day. We would like it to be Riazul because we genuinely believe our tequila is the result of bold and expectation-defying people and actions. But whatever you choose to consume, make sure it is the reward you deserve and that it embodies your spirit of boldness and exceeds your expectations.


When people think of tequila, many still envision doing shots after licking salt off your hand and following it with a suck on a lime. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. But a growing number of drinkers are discovering high-quality, craft tequilas that contain flavor profiles that are more complex than most red wines or any aged bourbon.


You are probably familiar with the saying, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." The same could be said of tequila. Because making a world-class tequila is all about building character by overcoming adversity.


Here's what you need to know about one of the world's most sophisticated spirits
We are passionate about tequila, here at Riazul. We are also pretty down-to-earth. We would never presume to tell someone how to enjoy her tequila. To us, tequila only enhances whatever experience you are trying to enjoy. There are times when shots of tequila are called for. There are definitely times when a margarita in a glass as big as a fishbowl is the best option for the setting. But there are also times when the lights are low, the music is soft, and the best way to enhance that engaging conversation with your compadres is to sip and thoroughly enjoy the nuances and complexities of a finely crafted tequila.

Please Remember to Drink Responsibly